Why I do this

Last night I was posed the question of why I do this. This is a big answer, and probably several posts, for a seemingly small question.

Maybe I should start with why I love being an Adoption Coordinator (AC). It was my first real role in rescue and will always be close to my heart for that reason. As I previously discussed, I entered rescue after the passing of my beloved Siska. I applied to be a foster, but did not serve in that role for some time because I immediately failed as a foster and adopted my foster dog, Hilde – who because Athena.

After adopting Athena I began feeling guilty. I had every intention of helping the rescue and now I was not doing so because I had adopted a puppy and couldn’t foster for some time. I asked if there was some other way for me to assist. It was then that I was introduced to ACing – which is screening and vetting people for adoption. I went through a quick training and there I was an AC, responsible for the welfare of one dog.

It was initially scary. I was responsible for the wellbeing of a dog. I had to talk to people, judge them and determine what was best for the dog and place the dog into a good forever home. Being entirely responsible for this small life and his or her future is, in my view, was and is an enormous responsibility.

For all the negative stories out there about rescue, judgmental folks, fear of failure and poor placements aside, I grew to love the role of being an AC. For each person who may not be right for this or any dog, there are scores of amazing folks looking to adopt a new family member. I love talking to those people about adopting and what we do. I love meeting them when they adopt their new best friend. I love seeing the joy that a new dog brings into their family and their life. And I love getting pictures of these amazing people and their new furry family member lounging on the couch, running in the backyard, playing with their other pets or children, etc.

Each placement, is a life saved, a family made whole and hopefully a great experience for both me and the family I helped to find that perfect dog. I’ve always been a sucker for a happy ending. Being an AC lets me experience countless happy endings and have a hand in each of them.

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